Majesty of Freaks

what the hell I'm waiting for dying reflecting death once more
beggars are we but I'm true and my grief
cruelty in life entwines the weak (as drifters haunt the earth)
from these dreams I part my way like slayers down to suicide

I say my way
ragged paths of life won't make my day
I pray that I'll stay
like an angel fly away from this pain
I rate my own fate
and now I blame whether you wanted or not
my dear my fear
is filled to spill your name

try to understand suffer in pain
you know you're losing in my own damn game
meaningless grace
has no reason to interfere

really to be honest love is hate
you're gambling and testing my patience
while you're there I'll be astray!

and now glows the glory of this moment
end of your game end of my hate
for my lust to find a peace
will never fade away
feel the revolution of my truth
I'll settle on the throne of freaks
salute the majesty of freaks