If That Day Should Come

walking in this mist looking back don't see a thing
only memories of the times we used to have
I try to comprehend why this all has gone so hard
I strive to do the adding in my head it won't forget
the moments I feel inside

running I'm dismissed of my life safe and sound
I can't help but wonder if you'd feel the same right now
are we really so different? are we really so dumb?
as to let all this happen let all this turn into sand
the moments I feel them inside
the moments I can't let go

face the dawn I never expected to fall apart from you
all this anger and guilt it's what remains
yet i thank you for all those rays of sun

emptiness in your eyes blackened veins in my heart
through the days hope fades expect nothing but the end
I grab the soil and find only the gravel that will keep me
under the surface