My Life Is Mine

who am I and where I stand?
these are the questions I need to ask myself
I held on to you more tight than it is safe to
so letting go is not only bad
it's not only bad to let go of

you don't know how I feel
you don't know why I am here

I hear you're doing fine yet you
say you need me in your life
I've had enough of that
should you ever want to see me again
feel free to visit my grave

my life is mine I will draw the line
I will be the judge of whether you're in it
my life is mine I don't know what to do with it
but I need to find out by myself

yet I still have feelings for you
yet I'm still holding on to you
it has to end

crawl away from me
cause I’ve made my mind
crawl away from me
cause I realize what I'm worth