the new dawn upon us
and I stand alone
hasn't been such a long time
since we parted our ways

I can't believe I lost you from my life
it feels so empty inside
I can't reckon where we went wrong
yet I do remember everything
everything I lost

you left your fingerprints in my heart
if one can call a piece of stone that
they won't be washed away in the tide
you can't deny the evidence

no more light at the end of the tunnel
it's just me alone in the dark
I have to take a step on my own
then another and yet another
until I fall for the last time

I don't want to exist in this hell

five hundred and forty days back in time I go
a changed man yet too late too late
the perfect hearts tangled so tight
that this will rip them apart rip them apart

browsing through the memories
moments captured moments so innocent
I had no clue that some day I would hate that face
well now I do

why did you lie to me?
why did I lie to you?
this burden I'll carry to my grave
some questions aren't meant to be answered
this burden I will carry to my grave
along with the sorrow the grief and the guilt