Everything Said and Done

as silence falls around me I mark my final words
battles not seen in advance will always shake the ground
what once was true and healthy will now be turn to dust
the search for glory bended caught trapped between the stairs
no support from those in arms (gunpowder now flour)
it's down to me alone unresting in this tone
as darkness shrouds around me I state these final words

consequences fade they're wrapped into the shame
no reason to glance back into what might have redeemed your fate
excavate remains witness a brand new day
where the dreams are gone when everything said and done

after battles all are fought before hurt is brought upon
after all the bottles drunk relief dealt for a while longer
after sinister thoughts long lost start to lose their meaning
when their faces produce more information than before
the end needs to come swift and sound

on the border a chance might come (to reveal one's true colours)
accept the decisions made (by diseasing the brightest of followers)
flowers left on the grave withered have become
after thy memory seizes to be free might will become

throughout the ages we face sorrow
yet everyday we cling to hope
now it's time to cut the crap
for there is no more hope