Unrelenting Finland Tour Pt. II published - Arkadia plays 25 shows from February to June!

What starts in the capital of Finland and ends in a town where most of us were born?

What lasts for four months and includes 25 gigs (most ever thrown on a single tour by this band), covers brand new territory in cities such as Kuopio, Lahti and Lappeenranta, as well as old favourites of ours such as Tampere and Helsinki.

What takes the celebration of our well-received debut album to the next level, but also demonstrates the best of brand new material to be released on our second album?

What showcases drastically updated stage light technology, brought to life by pre-programming to bring out the most of each song of the show?

Answer to all of course:

Needless to say, we are more anxious than ever to get back on the road again. It took a long time to publish this tour, but it also took until the very last minute to clinche the details so that it would comprise a perfect tour both for us and for you. We are humbled by the reception of "Unrelenting" to be able to throw such a long tour and play in dozens of new places. This was certainly one major target that we wished to accomplish with our debut album.

For full list of tour locations and dates, please visit Shows page or click the small poster above.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road!

Frozen Globe music video published

Days become warmer, but souls remain cold! Second song off UNRELENTING debut album is out.

"Unrelenting"in Spotify - first album reviews received - release tour continues in January

Xmas is close and it's time to take some time off to recharge after what was the best year for Arkadia so far in our journey! During 2014 many milestones happened: Mikael joined the band behind the drums and has been a solid key pleyer ever since to fill up our ranks for the future. We released "Unrelenting" debut album which was in the making for over 11 years (by the way, it is also now available in Spotify for all to hear for free). And we toured 17 gigs as a new Arkadia four-piece, knitting the sound together.

We are quite happy with how the debut album has been received so far. There have been numerous reviews in media all around the world. Average review in terms of stars or pints or score received has been around 3 out of 5. This is something that we as a band expected - we summed up the past years, our history, into one covers and we are aware that not all of it is prime gold. But the album as an entity is still something that works out as many reviewers also point out. Thus, I'm especially glad to read and hear from many people that they appreciate the album as a whole, and expect that the next couple of years will show where the band will be heading and it that could very well be far if we solidify our approach. And that is exactly what we will be doing.

Besides reviews, The album has also got some proper radio time for instance in Finland's biggest rock radio (Radio Rock) and in various other countries outside of our home land (the Netherlands, in Spain, and in the US, to name a few). Based on the four songs we have released from the album (Final Disposal on Soundcloud, Frozen Globe, May and Unrelenting on Youtube), it seems you like Unrelenting the most - its video has almost had 3000 views in a bit over a month's period of time. Of course, it was the biggest video production of this year as well, but I believe that the sound of our harder songs is something that hit the best, and that is also what the band thinks and enjoys to play the most. So an "all- Melodic Death Metal" second album might not be so far fetched idea... ;)

Honoring debut album release in October, we headed for Unrelenting Finland pt. I and presented the album songs for folks in 10 cities all around Finland. As you would guess from the "pt. I" suffix, the tour will continue. We have already booked 15+ gatherings for next Spring and are finalizing the tour content along with t-shirts and posters by the beginning of January. We'll release full tour list very shortly, but there's already numerous new cities booked for us to play and we are truly very excited! Not only are we going to play ever tighter in tone because of all the practice towards the end of 2014, but we will take the show technics to a new level. We have more than 20 lights on the tour, and are currently pre-programming them to bring you a full show of sound and light - synced for holistic "Unrelenting" effect for both eyes and ears.

But now it's time to forget about lights and chords and growls. Have a great Xmas all and see you in 2015 for brand new adventures!


"Unrelenting" music video published

What illustrates a 10-year-old brutal song and brings down the vocalist? Answer can be heard and seen from this video, title track of our debut album!

RELEASE NOTICE: Debut album out in Finland on October 3, worldwide on November 7

Finnish melodic metal band Arkadia will release their debut album “Unrelenting” in Finland on October 3, 2014 and worldwide on November 7, 2014 via Inverse Records. The album, which was recorded during winter 2014 and produced by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studio, Ylöjärvi, Finland, is a manifestation of Arkadia’s relentless attitude since its foundation in 2003 and the journey to ever-larger stages.

Arkadia’s music takes the listener from hybris to anxiety, but also rays of light can be found within the dark accents. Compositions are much larger than the Northern villages the band members originate from and lyrics deal with both personal and universal topics convincingly directly. The band plays vigorously together in tone, creating a peculiarly grooving musical world that even manages to touch at times.

Pre-order album from Inverse Records (worldwide shipping)

Pre-order album from selected distributors in Europe:

Unrelenting Finland Tour pt.I:

  • 03.10.2014 Hyvinkää, Bar Zoom
  • 04.10.2014 Aura, Haarikka
  • 24.10.2014 Seinäjoki, Joupiska
  • 25.10.2014 Oulu, Musa-Vintti
  • 07.11.2014 Tampere, Pub Keidas
  • 08.11.2014 Orivesi, Pub Sarianne
  • 13.11.2014 Helsinki, Bar Loose
  • 15.11.2014 Espoo, El Armadillo
  • 28.11.2014 Turku, Portti
  • 29.11.2014 Ilmajoki, Artti

More information:


Couple of words from founding members Mikko Järvenpää and Antti-Jussi Valkama:

We have been waiting for this moment to come for a long, long time! Debut album release is finally happening and it is happening with a blast! We have spent over 11 years of our life creating, playing and building the band that has surely become a way of life. We have thrown over 70 gigs around Finland with great people, many of which we have used to call band members. Today we have the absolute best lineup to present the songs of our first album to you, some of which were created as early as in 2004.

We can't wait to get UNRELENTING out for you to hear! As stated in the release notice, we find the album material very diverse and it most likely will take a couple of rounds from the listener to enjoy the album. But we will let you decide that. And witness the music live... after the ten gigs of Unrelenting Finland Tour pt. 1 this fall, there will be another round. Bookings are already in process and we can safely say it is looking good for the spring and summer next year. Without spoiling too much of it, it just might be that we replace "Finland" with some other country in 2015.

Some people have doubted our capability to fulfill this dream. Already years ago we heard people say that Arkadia is a demo band and always will be. We received negative feedback from media such as "you will quit because of this review", "learn to play" or "[songs are] (pardon our Finnish) 'uskomatonta huttua' ". Our musical style has been branded as "gum pop" (which it probably even was closer to the early days). But here we are. UNRELENTING is a statement of our desire to create music and build this band. And we continue to be ready to take your opinion as well, positive or negative, in fact looking forward to it, so do contact us and let us know how you dig the new songs.

Just in case the last chapter wasn't self-explanatory, by the way, the tale won't end here. Some bands release their debut album and disappear from music. Close the book and say "done". We won't. Without even knowing yet how UNRELENTING will be accepted by fans, media and the greater musical community of Finland and Europe, we have started training for new songs during the Summer and already have a handful to share with you during the fall! Another spoiler: second album is in the making...

But first, let's celebrate this very moment and this album. Cheers to everyone who has supported us during the years! There is an ever-growing group of you out there and we love you! Thanks also to everyone who made this album happen. Will not mention all of you here as you can read the album covers, but we do have to say special thanks to Petri Ala-Louvesniemi who made this record happen drums-wise. The drum tracks in UNRELENTING are magical and a key foundation on which we laid our entire future. Looking back, it would have been very difficult for us to continue on this path without starting to record the album when we did in the first place.

Allright folks, it's a clichee to end with for sure, but do get the album, see you alive and let's rock the tour!

-Migi & AJ

New song from album released to SoundCloud

"Final Disposal", second track from our upcoming UNRELENTING debut album, has been released to our SoundCloud site.

First debut album song OUT NOW!

Just uploaded first song, MAY, from UNRELENTING debut album as a lyric video. We have been waiting for a long time for this moment to come. MAYbe you enjoy this one as well!

Introducing our new drummer

MIKAEL LEINONEN is Arkadia's new drummer.

After several band trainings together with Mikael, we are confident and eager to continue our musical journey together with him. He has played drums since 2006 and has excellent technical skills, desire for great live performances as well as the ambition to grow along with the band.

Besides Arkadia, he plays drums in Dear Nemesis and also has one personal project. You can read more about Mikael here.

We have booked 5 gigs for April and May and we look forward to take our four-piece on the road after quite a long recording break. We expect to hold the master record of UNRELENTING at the evening of the next gig in Tampere's Varjobaari on Saturday, April 12, so it will be double celebration!

Update from the Studio; debut album UNRELENTING out in 2014

Been a while since the last update here, so thought we'd shed light a bit on how the band is proceeding. (For constant updates, check out our Facebook site).

We have been recording our debut album UNRELENTING for roughly half a year. Project started with drum recordings at Fantom Studio in July 2013, followed by bass recordings in August. In October, Mikko started recording guitars and completed them three months later in January. "Fall was extremely busy for me, so I only had a couple of full weekends to spend in studio before Christmas. Luckily I had some holidays to catch up, got my touch back and finalized guitars in January." Recording both rhythm and lead guitars by one man was also a new experience (Arkadia's former rhythm guitarist Kimmo left the band after last gig in Kauhajoki). Mikko finished keyboards in late January and vocal recordings were started immediately afterwards during last weekend.

Some comments from Antti-Jussi about vocal recordings... and current metal scene in general: "We don't currently have too many credible metal bands in Finland. Technically excellent vocalists are recording Christmas songs, and potentially capable bands are recording parody videos about TV shows (Vain kuolemaa). Those who are making good music are smart enough to tour abroad. I am ashamed of this situation and the scene absolutely needs to change. Mikko has been setting the bar really high with the new songs and his and both of Ala-Louvesniemi brothers' work in the studio has inspired me. Upcoming vocal tracks are my answer to this call. Whether you like it or not, extremely powerful material will be released soon and we will also take the live show to the next level!"

We have also been able to find a new drummer to replace Petri Ala-Louvesniemi. As we informed in Facebook earlier, Petri decided already before the debut album drum recordings that his return to the band would be a short-lived one and that he would only play the debut album drums. More information about the new drummer will follow shortly. But we can safely say the new guy is a perfect match both with our attitude and our music!

So we are coming back forcefully with brand new material, lineup is complete (although we are looking for 2nd guitarist for at least live action) and we are vitalized for more live action: first gig for 2014 has been booked! In April, we will play at Kokemäki. Plans are to book some gigs for spring to get our new drummer "baptized", followed by selected few festival gigs at late summer, and then in fall kick off UNRELENTING TOUR in multiple locations around Finland and hopefully abroad as well.

First brand new song off our debut album will be out in April or at the latest in early May. Until then... hold your breath!

Vesa Haapanen leaves the band, "new" drummer is founding member Petri Ala-Louvesniemi

As published two weeks ago at our Facebook page, Vesa Haapanen, ARKADIA's drummer since 2011 has decided to leave the band and direct his musical ambitions towards new challenges from now on. We thank Vesa for his contribution during the past couple of years and wish the best for him and his endeavours in the future. It sure was a fun ride we had together, playing 23 gigs and recording our latest promo "Tailwind / Parenthesis of Life". Vesa wanted to share the following with you: "I would like to thank everyone for all the unforgettable experiences and good times". With that brief statement, the "love thief" moves on.

While it always feels somewhat sad, knowing you won't meet a former bandmate as often as you used to, there is no time to stop now when we still have a tour to finish, gatherings to play during the summer and a debut album to record. Luckily we did not need to search for a new drummer from far. We are happy and excited to welcome back a founding member of ARKADIA, Petri Ala-Louvesniemi, who has pursuited other activities during the past couple of years and now returns to the fold! During the first seven years of ARKADIA, Petri was a key player in creating our sound and style, and he also happens to be the person who came up with the band's name.

It has been extremely rewarding and memorable two and a half years, but as the band and Petri on a personal level have evolved a lot since the times we were still training in the garage in 2010, future looks even brighter! Right on time, with this "new old" set-up, we are heading on the road this weekend, playing bars in Lehtimäki and Kajaani.

Goes without saying, all gatherings and the debut album recordings will be done as planned.

We can't wait! Can you?

Ready for the road - tomorrow it begins!

Tomorrow we kick off the 10 VUOTTA PÄÄTÄ SEINÄÄN tour in Tampere! All is set for a spectacular night with three songs never played live before in the set, special guests, brand new equipment and merchandise. Check out the tour T-Shirt, available in sizes S, M, L, XL, ladyfit S and ladyfit M for 15 euros.

Unfortunately already had to cancel one show (Hyvinkää 9.3.) due to closing of the venue indefinitely. We try to find a replacement gig, but since it is only 2 weeks to the date it is a challenging task. Well, it is still a 16 gathering tour so I think we'll be okay!

Hope to see as many of you tomorrow and/or later during the tour! Rock rock!

Tour list updated

Four confirmed gigs have been added to the Gatherings page, including our first gig ever in Helsinki! 13 gigs booked at the moment - check out the new poster!!!

10 Years & Still Going Strong: Tour and Debut Album Recordings in 2013

As the year 2012 is about to close, we feel like it's time to recap the past year a bit and give some insight into the forthcoming one to remember. First of all, thanks and kudos to Heikki Haapanen for his performance replacing Mikko in the lead guitars for the majority of this year. Heikki delivered in practices and at gatherings. We'll collaborate again in music some day for sure!

The whole band has evolved a lot during the past year and as a solid proof of this, we have now planned the composition and scheduled the recordings of ARKADIA's long-awaited debut album! Nine tracks, four of which are brand new, have been handpicked to represent the best of our material so far. The planned track listing hasn't changed in our minds since February 2012 - we are very confident that this is the album to stand the test of time (and fans!). Planned release for the album is mid-2014 at this point.

The recordings for the debut album will be kicked off in the Summer, but already before that a lot will happen. Late February 2013 marks the 10-year-anniversary for setting up the band in Alavus. To celebrate the occasion, ARKADIA will head for a tour between February and May around Finland. Already nine gatherings have been booked, but more will follow for sure - so stay tuned! Debut album tracks will be played on every friggin' gig of the tour so you will have a hear and say. Click the adjacent banner or visit Gatherings page to see where we are playing and when.

We hope you are equally excited as we are to have the band lined up again and ready to rock. It's been a long journey to get where we are and it'll be a whole lot longer until we're done, but most importantly it is an extremely rewarding journey. In more ways than one, next year we will start to truly pick up the fruits of working hard towards our common dream. We'd like to thank you all for supporting us all these years and hoping to meet as many of you as possible at the tour!

AJ, Kimmo, Mikko, Vesa A, Vesa H

"Parenthesis of Life" video out

This is why we play.

Tailwind & Parenthesis of Life out NOW!

Two new songs have now been released to our website to the player above and Releases section as downloadable MP3's, as well as to Soundcloud and MySpace pages.

Let us know what you think of the new stuff!

One for the Road

Join us tonight in Tampere at the Herwoodstock mini-festival! It will be our last gathering of the fall; exceptional show to come with some special guests on (and off) stage. Besides this event, it'll be a truly memorable weekend for us because on Saturday we're heading to Fantom Studio to finalize mixing & mastering of the two new songs! Expect online release by the end of the week!

By the way, some photos from July's Karjurock gathering have been added to the Media section.


Changes In Sight

Tonight's show in Sastamala looks like to be the last gathering for me in the ranks of Arkadia for a while, as I will depart in December for one year of traveling around Australia and Asia. Leaving the band behind for such a long time was definitely one of the major decisions related to the departure. Especially, since this year has been one of the best years so far for Arkadia, with great gigs in new cities, recording two brand new songs and getting Vesa the drummer fully on board the crew.

This is not the first time we have faced this situation. Former guitarist Ade Rikala and I studied abroad in 2007 and 2008, respectively, and replacements for those periods were found and wheels kept on rolling. Such is the case also this time. I can safely say that we have found the best possible stand-in for the year to come: Heikki Haapanen, older brother of Vesa and similarly a member of thrash metal band Arasaw, will replace me as the lead guitarist of Arkadia until December 2012. Heikki is stellar in the guitar, having played for over 10 years and more technical stuff than I ever have.

During my absence, I won't stand idle considering music and the band. One of the songs to be released later this year, Parenthesis of Life, was written the last time when I was away for a longer period of time. I believe that changing things up in life every now and then is always good for a person - it enables learning new things, accumulating new experiences - and coming up with fresh ideas. I'm confident that once I'm back, the foundation of Arkadia's first full-length album is cast, and we can steadily march towards releasing our debut album in 2013 or 2014.


P.S. Some gigs for next year (Feb-Mar) have already been booked, see Gatherings page for details.

Recordings for next demo kicked off!

Rock'n'Roll Update! On the 5th of June, we visited Fantom-Studio for drum recordings of the upcoming demo. Everything went beautifully, as Vesku recorded two tracks in a couple of hours. We've played these songs during the gigs this year, but nevertheless they will most likely be a surprise in style to most of you...

This weekend we'll continue the recordings with bass and guitar, followed by lead guitars and keyboards on the next week. So we're expecting somewhat studio-oriented July! (Let it rain...) You can follow the progress with picture updates at our Facebook page.

Furthermore, our gathering this month on July at Lappeenranta has been cancelled, but has been replaced with another one at Tarina-Ravintola, Jurva in September.


New Year - New Drummer

As the year comes to its end, we're happy to announce our new drummer: Vesa Hermanni Haapanen will join the crew. Vesa has long experience as he has been playing drums since 1999, and as of 2004 in the thrash metal band Arasaw.

After several extensive trainings since October, I can safely say that this is the guy to fill the gap Petri left behind. Vesa will bring a new level of energy and a sort of "healthy brutality" to Arkadia - both on the drum stool and as a crew member. For more information about Vesa, check out the Band section.

As of plans for the upcoming year, besided touring as much as possible, we'll be recording at least a couple of new songs during the spring/summer. These songs will be something totally new and I believe they are the sort of material that will be some day released on the full-length album.

Looking forward to 2011 and the gatherings in February/March. Have a Heavy New Year!


Everything Said and Done

This is a tale that had to be told - a short film with Northern mentality. Enjoy the most ambitious video production of ARKADIA to date.


New video out, new gatherings booked

Previously unreleased song "Mind Liberate" has been released in the form of a live video, shot at our latest gathering at Yo-Talo, Tampere. Enjoy the HD quality! And check out the Gatherings section to know where live action like this can be witnessed next.


Drummer found

Short brief on current situation in the band - we've found ourselves a great drummer! A couple of trainings finished already and we're starting to get ready for some gatherings late this year / early next year. Very soon the name will be published here.


Looking for a drummer

After seven years in the band, ARKADIA's founding member Petri Mikael Ala-Louvesniemi decides to step down as the drummer of the band for personal reasons. The band would like to thank him for the enormous contribution and excellent morale that he showed on every training, every gathering and in the studio room since 2003 and wish him the best of luck in future activities to come. He will play one more gig with us - the gathering which will take place at Tampere late in September (see Gatherings page for details). Show up then to witness an unforgettable evening.

For the next weeks, we'll be looking for - and probably jamming a bit with - drummers who might have the potential to continue from where Petri left off. Hopefully we'll find a replacement soon in order to continue our journey at full steam with no extensive interruptions. The place is open and up for grabs - are YOU up for it?

Meanwhile, the cover design for Vindication for the Lost is finally completed and we'll be getting fresh printed CD's out this week to distribute around. Contact us for your copy. If still pondering whether it's worth the damage of 4 euros, by all means download the mp3:s from our Releases page in full quality.


"Vindication for the Lost" released @ MySpace!

Four months full of studio recordings, mixing and mastering are now history! The following three songs comprising our new demo record, "Vindication for the Lost", have now been released at our MySpace site:

1. "Killing Growing Addiction"
2. "Vindication for the Lost" &
3. "Everything Said and Done"

We're still working on the cover graphics - it will probably take a month to have the printed CD's out for sale and distribution. Until then, enjoy Arkadia vol. 6 at MySpace!

P.S. MP3's of new demo coming soon at this site - stay tuned.


Greetings from studio!

We're 40 % done with the recordings of our forthcoming demo, as last weekend Kimmo Akseli Keipinen played rhythm guitars on the four songs that will form our sixth release. Drums were already recorded in March in Fantom Studio, Tampere and bass guitars in April at our own "mobile studio". Next weekend, lead guitars and keyboards will follow and by the end of this month we'll start recording vocals.

So far we've faced no major challenges - the songs to be released were composed on 2006 and 2007, so we've had plenty of time to finetune the correct approach and attitude. Since his joining the band in late 2009, Kimmo Akseli has had a smooth start in ARKADIA, delivering outstanding performance in the training room, at his first live gathering in Tampere and, now, in the studio.

Amidst this spring of recordings, we've shot the music video of a song to be featured in the upcoming release, Everything Said and Done. Check out these photos from video shootings to see a glimpse of what is to come...


ARKADIA featured in Metal Express Radio's Young Artist's Arena

Be sure to tune in to Metal Express Radio today at 16:00 or 22:00 Finnish time (GMT +2) (that is 15:00 / 21:00 CET) for their special feature on new acts, including ARKADIA! More info here.


Realization with images

To sum up 2009, with many thanks to all those who supported us during the year. Watch our new video here.


New year, new guitarist

As the new decade begins, we're happy to announce that we have found a new guitarist to replace Aapo Iisakki Rikala. We've already had a couple of trainings and done some recordings with him, and the results are very promising. An ARKADIA "crewmember" for already a couple of years, Kimmo Akseli Keipinen has been following the band to gatherings and various other occasions as e.g. photographer and roadie with enthusiasm towards our way of melodic metal music. A good friend and a prominent guitarist with five years of experience in guitar playing, his joining the band is a logical step for ARKADIA, enabling us to continue working towards our dream. To read more about Kimmo Akseli, click here.

Since the last gigs in November 2009, the band has been on a bit of a break and no new gatherings are in sight at the moment. During the following months the band will be recording new material, targeting to release new songs during the Spring 2010.


First music video released

It has come the time to release ARKADIA's first music video. The song that got the honor of being first is "My Life is Mine" off the EP "A Drop for the Past". Watch the video here.


Nothing Lasts Forever

...not even ARKADIA's original line-up. Aapo Iisakki Rikala, rhythm guitarist of ARKADIA since its founding in 2003, has decided to leave the band. It was with great surprise and sorrow that we received his resignation letter last week. This is what he had to say:

Dear friends,

I am sad to announce that I have decided to leave ARKADIA for personal reasons. I feel I cannot give my 100 % attention to the band anymore, so this is the right thing to do. The three following gatherings that are booked will be the last ones I play with the band.

I would like to thank you for the last six years that I have been honored to play music with you. ARKADIA has been a big part of my life and I have a lot of unforgettable memories from this time.

I step aside as a guitarist of ARKADIA, but there is no need to say goodbye. I will be in touch, and one way or another participate the band's activities in the future to come!

-Aapo Iisakki Rikala-

I could not agree more to the last two sentences of his - there will always be a special place reserved for Aapo in ARKADIA. It seems unrealistic that a good friend and composer of our first song is gone from the band; however, constant change is part of life, in all the areas of life. It is quite ironic that last week Soundi, one of the largest music magazines in Finland, thanked our "original line-up for a coherent sound" in their review. (You can read the whole review here, along with some other new reviews.)

As a proper tune to Aapo's departure, we have today released the title track of our latest EP, A Drop for the Past, to our Myspace site. Feel free to commemorate the six and a half years Aapo served with us by visiting, or write a line to our address. Hopefully we also see as many of you as possible in the final three gatherings to be performed by the original line-up of ARKADIA in Riihimäki, Oulu and Raahe during the following month.

As for the future, we have already started looking for a replacement for Aapo - even when one cart falls, the wagon must continue.


Kaamos doesn't come alone

Fall arrives, noose tightens - October brings upon two gatherings. First we'll hit the stage at Kaamos Metal Festival in Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki, 2nd October, along with Liquid Society, Whitemour and Forever One. Our show starts around 9:30 pm. We'll also play Bar Escape in Riihimäki, on 16th October. More information about the gatherings here.

Order proper wear for the grim and endless Fall ahead - ARKADIA's first garment is now released. The "A Drop for the Past" t-shirt shown in the photo above is yours for the damage of 15 euros. Contact us for this limited kick-ass piece of a suit. (Available in M & L sizes.)


Heavy summer continues, gathering locations change

After five live Drops for the Past this Summer, we're thirsty for more. Scheduled festival gathering for next week at Kuortane got cancelled - the whole Sepelit event was pulled off for this year. However, we just got confirmation that we'll play the UBTH festival in Pori on 1st August. Compensation, vindication.

Oh, and be sure to check us out Sunday next week at Luomusa fest in Töysä. Show will start at 20:30, right after Dying Sun.


Killing Growing Addiction live!

As promised: live material from the previous gathering. Previously unreleased song called Killing Growing Addiction. Enjoy! You can watch the video here.


Photos, newspaper articles and 1st review of Drop added

Last Saturday's EP release gathering went grrreat! In fact, we'll release a live video of one unpublished song during the next couple of weeks, so you all can witness the atmosphere. Meanwhile, check out the stills. I also added a couple of Finnish newspaper articles, one from 2007 and one from last Thursday. Furthermore, A Drop for the Past was reviewed first at Desibeli.net - check what Mr. Roth had to say about our latest record here (in Finnish).


Welcome to Drop for the Past

Two years of training and composing, six months in studio - it's been a long but rewarding journey. We are proud to release A Drop for the Past, our fifth self-release after six years in existence. Although A Drop for the Past continues from where our previous EP Circle of Distress (2007) ended to, as the energy and metallic melodies of ARKADIA are still to be heard, the entity has evolved to a whole new level. Or, more accurately, sank a couple of levels below the ground - A Drop for the Past carries the listener from initial disbelief and hatred via grief and guilt to the very end.

Expect to witness some live grimness next Friday (15.5.) at the release gathering of A Drop for the Past, held at Hotelli Puustelli in Alavus. This will be the day to celebrate the joy and suffering experienced, left foot in the grave. Expect some surprises to our usual show. We have another five gatherings coming up around the country , so Summer '09 is starting to look pretty nice'n'heavy.

In the meanwhile, check the new material out; we've released two songs, My Life is Mine and Insecure, in mp3 format for you to download. Another track off the EP, Realization, is available at our MySpace site. Contact us by writing to our address, via e-mail, or at the gatherings to get the complete dirge - a digipak for ten euros.

Did we make parting shots or did we just waste our time? That's for you to determine.

See you at the gatherings.

P.S. As a special treat to celebrate the launch of our new site we also released the whole Circle of Distress EP for you to download in excellent quality mp3 format along with its covers and cover letters. Download at the releases section.


Another gig next weekend & info about Isojoki

In addition to the gig we have in Isojoki on Saturday 16th August, we'll play in the Minirock fest, Alavus on Sunday 17th August. On this gig we'll pay some never heard brand new tracks live, so be sure to be present on this Bloody Sunday!

In Isojoki we'll open up the MBR fest with a blast - our showtime will be around 2 pm. Check out the complete schedule of this festival at the Gigs section.


Pics from Sepelit-rock & gig in Isojoki

Nine pics from the Sepelit-rock gig have been added; check them out here. Five songs of ours were shot with three videocameras by the organisers, so expect to see some live action on video within a month or so.

We also have another gig coming; we'll play in Mouthbottomrock, Isojoki on 16th August (Saturday). We'll add further info (schedule etc.) later.

So let's all Drop for the Past then once more.

-Migi & AJ

Another review in The Metal Observer

Found out today that Circle of Distress was reviewed twice by The Metal Observer. Read the other review here. I also added the old reviews of The Krossing Point to the Media section should someone be interested how our 3rd demo was received in the media in 2005.


Back in business!

It's great to be back in Finland and training with the band! And not only training - thursday next week we will have a gig at Spelit festival (Sepelit-rock) in Alavus along with 7 other bands, so be sure to check it out! Our gig will start at around 19:40 - check out the complete schedule from the Gigs section.

What's going on in the site.. For starters, go sign our finally added guestbook! Then you can check out this newly published review of Circle of Distress from The Metal Observer magazine or move on to the Media section for "new" gig pictures from the final two gigs of last fall. Finally, go listen Majesty of Freaks at our Myspace site; now the whole of Circle of Distress is online.

So far we have no other upcoming gigs for this year except for the one next week. We'll probably throw a couple in the fall, though, but our primary focus is the recording of a new EP, scheduled to be released in early 2009 under the name "A Drop For The Past". Expect to hear some of these new songs next week in Alavus!


Distress spreads in the web!

Our latest EP is soon being distributed by Levyvirasto.net. In that web music store, it is possible to buy the record in CD-format. You'd better be quick if you want to have this kickass record, because nowadays Circle of Distress is almost sold out.


Review & interview available @ Noise.fi

Metal never ends! Circle of Distress got 4/5 in a review by Finnish music forum Noise.fi. Other reviews also added to Circle of Distress reviews section.

Noise.fi also made an interview of the band, readable here.


Temporary change in line-up, as Migi goes to Asia

Time for a change. Both for me personally and for Arkadia. I'll leave for my exchange period to Malaysia this week, and I won't be returning home until next summer. To replace me in the band for this period of 6-8 months will be Timo Silver from QBA. He has already played with the band last fall when Ade was abroad, is an amazingly talented guitarist, and drinks shitloads of whisky, so he is definitely the right man for the job. Welcome aboard!

Obviously the focus in band action will be set to training gig songs with Timo, but also the recordings of some new songs have started. Expect some new songs and gigs in the spring.

I'd like to thank you all for support during the year 2007. It has been a wonderful year for Arkadia with 8 gigs all around Finland, releasing Circle of Distress, and training new, great songs.

As a goodbye-gift to all of you, I've put "Before the Dawn" from Circle of Distress to our Mikseri.net site. Enjoy!

Stay metal,


New song released online; Circle of Distress sold in Oulu, Kajaani & Seinäjoki

Nothing lasts forever. Not even September. Along with the colder fall nights we bring you a new song from Circle of Distress. Check it out @ our Myspace or Mikseri.net site!

Circle of Distress is now being distributed by Levykauppa Äx in Oulu, Musiikki Lukinmaa in Kajaani and Markun Musiikki in Seinäjoki. Go get yours if you haven't already!

See ya in a couple of weeks at our breezing fall gigs in Jyväskylä and Alavus!


Gig in Jyväskylä in October, pictures from Alavus and Karijoki added

We have just confirmed another gig for October; we'll play at Ilokivi in Jyväskylä on the 10th of October. Cheers to Timo & Aki from QBA!

Check out the Media section to see how we looked in the two previous gigs.. And perhaps recognize yourself from the crowd pics ;)


Lekkeri-klubi gig date changed

The Lekkeri club gig date at Alavus has been changed because the club isn't held in September after all. Worry not, for the delay is less than a month. We will rock in Hotelli Puustelli on 12th of October.

And a reminder: tomorrow we'll play at Mouthbottomrock festival in Karijoki. Dunno exactly where that is, but I bet we can orientate ourselves. See ya in the front row moshing your brains out, right?


Pictures from Ähtäri added

Playing in Ähtäri was great! Check out the Media section for pictures from Club B52. The next chance to see us play live will be next week's Sunday (12.8.) at Huhtalava in Alavus, where the Minirock festival is to be held. This will be the first gig we'll play with keyboard tapes, so u'd better show up to testify the complete richness of Arkadia sound live! No, we aren't planning on getting a keyboard player on our ranks... ;)


Circle of Distress EP released & a big update on the site!

Finally, the moment has come.

Circle of Distress was released in the beginning of July, a bit late of schedule because of various reasons, but better late than never, right?

We have made 300 copies of the EP for sale and to be sent to representants of the media and to clubs, festivals, etc to get some gigs. The EP has indeed been liked by gig organizers: we have at least 4 gigs coming before October! I say at least because it looks like we'll have a couple of more in the late fall. Check the "Gigs" page for more info.

If you want a copy of Circle of Distress, you can buy it for a price of 4 euros from us at any of our gigs, or contact us either by mail, e-mail or phone and we'll send you info how to order (contact information on "Contact" page, surprisingly...).

Finally some updates to the site as well. Check out photos from the latest Töysä and Alavus gigs as well as promo pictures taken in February. Expect some video material and reviews from the EP to appear in the "Media" section in the near future also.

Guestbook is still under construction (PHP coding takes too much time considering I have a full-time job on the summer), but until it's ready please go send your greetings to the little guestbook on our Mikseri.net site. Comment songs while there also, all feedback is most appreciated!


New song released online & Arkadia in MySpace

We have created a site in MySpace and to celebrate the occasion we have released second track from the upcoming EP "Circle of Distress" online! The song, "Lithium Division", can now be heard in the MySpace page (www.myspace.com/arkadiametal). The song can also be listened to, downloaded from and commented in our Mikseri.net site (www.mikseri.net/arkadia). Check it out 'n let us know what you think of it!

The construction work of this site is still underway. If everything goes as planned, it should be complete with every section available in late June.


Welcome to the New Arkadia Site vol 0.7!

Here it is! The new site we've been working on for the past year or so.

All areas of the site aren't complete yet but will be updated shortly.

And now, a quick way around: as you probably can see, this is the "News" page where we inform you of latest updates in the site and tell what's happening in the band in general. The "Band" page contains information about each of the players of the band and a biography of the band as a whole.

The "Gigs" page gives a quick look at the forthcoming gig schedule of the band, and also (eventually) lots of information of the past gigs (who we played with, setlists, etc.). From the "Releases" page you can see the records we've done so far, and be able to download songs also (at some point).

In the "Media" page there will shortly be a collection of pictures, videos, music and other types of downloadable stuff of the band. The "Contact" page naturally provides you with contact information of the band, should you want to ask us for a gig or just say hi. The latter you can also do in the near weeks in the form of writing to our "Guestbook" - it's an easy way of giving us feedback of our music, or this new site, or anything you feel like.

That was our new site in a nutshell, now it's your time to experience it for yourselves.

There's not much to download or anything yet, but in a couple of weeks there will be! The release date of our new EP "Circle of Distress" will be within a month!

Welcome! \,,/


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