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The Finnish Arkadia is a curious group. Practices a mix of melodic death metal with metalcore, but you can also find various references to Gothic Metal music, which end up approaching the formations as late Cryhavoc or The 69 Eyes. This dose of melancholy that only Finnish bands have joined to good melodies and guitar riffs, generates the sound even more interesting. The vocals here are very diverse and range from growling / screaming vocals to clean, as much as at times these do not work as well. Considering that this is their first full studio work, we conclude that everything is a matter of certain trimming of edges. A good debut! (7.0)

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From Finland we get the best of melodic death metal with the new album 'Unrelenting' from Arkadia, a well worked disc of nine tracks. The disc is a pump of adrenaline that starts from the first minute. With "Before the Dawn”, after slow and melancholic intros, this group gives us a slap that blends the melodic voice hoarse guttural (in a single vocalist) with harmonies electrifying and explosive percussion.

Good guitar solo which introduces "Final Disposal", more melodic, simple and harmonious song, that is alternating with powerful pace battery, as it should be between instruments riffs. Alternation between great melodic voice and growls, like between the cleanest of guitars to the dirtiest, is a good parallelism with the duality of characters, although there is only one lead singer. Hats off."

Continuing with "Frozen Globe", which slowly begins with melodic voice. The guitar riff is brilliantly catchy from the first listen-to and guides us along the path they choose. Killer production where all voices balance and long guitar solos are present. This alternate item intensities and speeds up, which is fine to bring the voice that is well supported with great choruses.

There is nothing like a guitar in clean contrast with distortion until it hurts, until it distorts our soul and we remove the subconscious. So the next cut "May" begins. If anything defines Arkadia it is the variety of sounds that do not play in all the work, but in the same subject without rubbing unpleasant.

Having reached the album's Ecuador, we find an epic instrumental track that leads us to a world of legend quick cuts with slow harmonic chords and scales. It is the introduction for Everything Said and Done”, a potent and powerful, rhythmic and steady theme with basic harmonies, where the vocalist sings a duet with guitars. This song, along with the preceding instrumental track, might be considered a summary of what the band is. Good, very melodic solos and a catchy guitar, keyboard touches, alternating vocal styles ... What more to ask?

Crossed the Ecuador of this work, music hardens in a violent environment around "Nothing Lasts Forever" and ”A Drop for the Past". Minor chords and dramatic accompany a more hopeful catastrophic and apocalyptic dark ambient instrumentation. To close we find a powerful and violent "Unrelenting" which shares its name with the name of the album, starting slow but shortly passing to give you the energy that begins in this work.

In summary, we find a more enviable record production well worked from a compositional point of view, containing rich harmonies and contrasts, without leaving a dynamic that dislodges us from the path of melodic death. An outstanding disc.

Javier Salaverry
Power Metal .de, 22.2.2015

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No longer a young band, ARKADIA has existed since 2003, which already describes a period of more than ten years. They started as My Cathedral, yet the current name seems conclusive with proper names for heavy metal. Album cover of the Finns creates the first Turisas shot into my brain, as the aesthetic is similar to them. But ARKADIA is folky and rather modernly aligned (okay, this is also true for the fellow countrymen).

"Unrelenting" translates as inflexible and fittingly, the music sounds somehow epic. Not in the classic sense, but in the combative and melancholic sense. It's also great that ARKADIA puts emphasis on soul, despite modern and somewhat smooth production. Every now and then, vocalist Antti-Jussi Valkama sings the verse somewhat beside the track ('Frozen Globe'). I find that hard to comment negatively upon, since this is indeed creating an own identity in a crowded scene.

Unfortunately, this very convincing debut album is a bit short with nine songs and scarce 40 minutes playing time (which is also a parallel to Turisas records), but in those 40 minutes the Arkadian quintet actually manages to take the listener into another world. I am thrilled to listen amazingly different vocal styles, heavy riffs and gentle guitar sounds. And outstanding choruses. I am pleased and wait captured on the followup.

8 / 10

Marius Luehring
Earshot.at, 31.12.2014

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Arkadia is a Finnish melodic metal band that has been around for over ten years. They have released some demos and EPs in this time and also occasionally played live. Only now their first album, which is titled ”Unrelenting” was released and I'm curious what musical ideas they have processed for it.

"Before The Dawn" is pretty peppy going on - catchy riffs and pleasant vocals go very well to the ear. Completely differently starts "Final Disposal" - here it is much harder to ’business' and the song has deep growling punctuated with clear vocals. Quite a contrast! And again different sounds "Frozen Globe" - quite choppy and rather hard to digest, but again with clear that vocals sound like a hymn. It’s a completely unique thing. But anyway, straightness is not for them, as the next track shows. "The Decisions Of Yesterday (Will Haunt Us Down)” gives a surprise the next time - this instrumental track is a very pleasant to listen to. Something we had not expected. Lots of variants goes further in the album - hard and soft sounds alternate and vocals vary. "Nothing Lasts Forever" is largely created as a ballad, but here in between the vocalist growls vigorously. "A Drop For The Past" is designed in a similar style and musically speaking very quietly. The conclusion is the title track "Unrelenting" and accordingly, the growling is here again and with relentless sounds experimenting like crazy!

So somehow, I do not now know who to recommend this album of Arkadia. Sometimes it sounds like Power Metal, then back to Death Metal. It's a pretty motley thing and it sure takes a while to get access to it - to me it is not successful, but you should listen in but once - maybe you will like some part of it or another.

4.5 / 7 points

Metalinside, 14.12.2014

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The musicians of Arkadia are certainly coming from snowy Finland. They mix various styles of today's music scene into not always homogeneous sound. The band is lined with neatly off-flavor. Singer Antti-Jussi difficultly alternates between clean and growling vocals. Sometimes they produce very modern metal-influenced songs that have the proper steam and the next moment they board the inclined listeners a fat Death Metal Hammer to the eavesdropper. What is not so appealing to me is their gimmicks with breaks, the whole thing sound very ticked off. Especially with the guitar work, they show quite a playful which usually fits very well into the compositions, but also occasionally somewhat obliquely runs next to it. Their debut album is certainly on the right track, I would just recommend to improve a few parts without losing the drive.

7 / 10 points

Legacy Magazine, December 2014

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Judging purely from the cover artwork, which is shown alongside band and album name with a simple symbol, the debut album 'Unrelenting' from Finnish metallers Arkadia initially seems unremarkable. One must hope that this does not mean that potential listeners in the business walk past it. Because inside - that is musically - Arkadia have a lot to offer. An exciting combination of heavy, power and melodic death metal blares from the first minutes out of the box. This does not only convince the listener with variety and interesting ideas, but also with catchy melodies and choruses. The Finns show no reservations with their numerous influences and sources of inspiration. Thus, the melancholy instrumental 'The Decisions Of Yesterday (Will Haunt Us Down)' reminds of newer Sentenced, and 'Final Disposal' shows in places that Arch Enemy is not entirely averse. But actually it is not fair to compare Arkadia with other bands, because the band has definitely found their own sound. And what is even more important, the gentlemen are able to write good songs. While tracks like 'Frozen Globe' or 'Nothing Lasts Forever' fall sometimes a bit cheesy, they go straight into your ears and become lodged in the ear canal. If you consider that Arkadia has existed for over ten years and this is their first album, then you can only say that the long preparation time was worth it. 'Unrelenting' is something for fans of Finnish melancholy that do not shy away from kitsch!

11 points

Crossfire, December 2014

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Ten years ago they got started as My Cathedral, but after one demo changed to Arkadia. Then at first followed only demos, but also two EPs. Only now it was time for the debut album for them. They play atmospheric heavy metal, melodic and serious that comparisons are attached to the music of younger Sentenced. The vocals are bright to remain flexible. The deep voice can also swing to growls, singer does not make it very often. In "Frozen Globe" they work with tempo shifts, or sometimes with additional acoustic guitar, as in "A Drop For The Past". In "May" they play too much with studio techniques, a layered guitar track on and off. The gag takes a little too long and inhibits the listening experience, because otherwise the Finns have strong music. The nine tracks of ”Unrelenting” are sure to find their friends.

7 / 10

Joxe Schaefer
Sea of Tranquility, 12.12.2014

Hard hitting Finnish quartet Arkadia weave a mix of influences from the old school of the NWOBHM via the 80's Goth style to the current crop of Scandinavian Death Metal bands and find middle ground somewhere in the contemporary melodic metal scene. A band that have been around for a decade or so without really gaining any recognition outside of their homeland with the sheer number of bands around the release of Unrelenting is unlikely to change that state of affairs despite it being a decent and varied effort. It is also actually their debut full length release with only EP's and demos being available until now.

Energetic riffing and a huge drum sound unleash 'Before the Dawn' and the melodic and clean vocals of Antti-Jussi Valkama make a strong first impression. Some folk-tinged touches can be discerned throughout, notably on the quirky instrumental track 'The Decisions of Yesterday (Will Haunt Us Down)' and the brutal title cut that closes the album with some growls and plenty of OTT screaming and Arkadia are certainly not a band that are afraid to take chances and try to do something just a little bit different.

3,5 / 5

Dean Pedley
Desibeli.net, 08.12.2014

Nipun pikkukiekkoja jo aiemmin urallaan julkaissut Arkadia kävi ensi kertaa tutuksi allekirjoittaneelle lähes vuosikymmen sitten, kun The Krossing Point -demo päätyi käsiini. Sittemmin lennokas power metalli on vaihtunut hiljalleen raskaampiin sävyihin ja tuoreella debyyttialbumilla onkin osuvampaa puhua melankolisesta deathista kuin mistään kuntosalimetallista.

Levyn yhdeksästä raidasta neljä on julkaistu aiemmin pikkukiekoilla, joten ilmassa on pientä ”best of demos” –henkeä, mutta niinhän tilanne on monen debytoijan kohdalla. Seitsemän vuotta sittenCircle of Distress -kiekolla julkaistu Before the Dawn on edelleen dynamiittisen kova ralli ja juuri oikea vetäisy avaukseksi, eikä samaiselta EP:ltä mukaan kelpuutettu Nothing Lasts Forever ole sekään hukannut voimaansa. Vokalistin hapuilu englannin lausunnan ja puhtaiden osuuksien parissa on tosin yhä ongelma, johon pitäisi löytää jonkinlainen ratkaisu. Tällaisenaan kun ilmaisu vesittää kelpo lyriikoita turhan paljon ja tuo mukaan tahatonta komiikkaa. Lisäksi sävellys- ja etenkin sovituskynää olisi tarpeen teroitella, jotta koukkujen terä vastaisi nykyhetken vaatimuksia.

Uusista, tai aiemmin julkaisemattomista, raidoista esiin nousee hitaammalla vaihteella rullaava Frozen Globe, sekä sopivan napakaksi kolmen minuutin makupalaksi puristettu The Decision of Yesterday (Will Hunt Us Down). Bändi avaa rohkeasti uusia ovia ja nyt kun ensimmäinen pitkäsoitto on putsannut pöydän vanhasta materiaalista, saattaa edessä aueta tie vaikka minne. Kunhan ne muutamat ongelmakohdat saadaan vain korjattua ensiksi.

3 / 5

Mika Roth
Dead Rhetoric, 1.12.2014

11 years is a long time slugging it out in the underground before releasing your debut album – but kudos to this Finnish melodic metal band for committing to the cause, 4 demo and 2 EP releases later, on Unrelenting. I’d add the melancholic moniker to this material, as songs such as “Frozen Globe” and “Nothing Lasts Forever” have as much in common musically with the much missed Sentenced and Draconian Times period Paradise Lost as they do Iron Maiden or fellow Finnish act Machine Men. Singer Antti-Jussi Valkama has decent lower and mid-range pop, but struggles in higher reaches – sounding a little monotonous and potentially off key. Could be a sleeper cult favorite if you miss this type of depressing/despair style.

Matt Coe
Metal Temple, 26.11.2014

ARKADIA is a Melodic Gothic Metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 2003. They have released: demo ”Cancelled” in 2004, ”The Krossing Point” in 2005, EP ”Circle of Distress” in 2007, EP ”A Drop for the Past” in 2009, demo ”Vindication for the Lost” in 2010, demo ”Tailwind” in 2011. They have released a new debut album “Unrelenting” on 7th November 2014.

Opener “Before the Dawn” has nice energetic riffs with melodic singing and a catchy chorus. Obvious are THE 69 EYES influences, Gothic echoes, Hard Rock style and also screaming in Death Metal style! In this powerful track very clear is work of bass too. Title track “Unrelenting“ is deeply steeped in Punj, with Folk Metal echoes and growling / screaming vocals, wonderful riffs, brilliant guitar, solo massive drums – total killer!

I like very much the instrumental track, “The Decisions of Yesterday (Will Haunt Us Down)“ with gentle sounds of violins, melodic riffs with nice kick-ass stronger sound and also piano. Amazing melodic riffs in “Frozen Globe” focus attention of the listener, with a catchy chorus, clean singing and nice guitar work. Stronger guitars and melodic sounds are in “Everything Said and Done” where melodic clean singing are very well meshed with screamed vocals.

Screaming in Death Metal style with massive guitars are in “Final Disposal” where clean vocal mix scream also with Gothic echoes. In “Nothing Lasts Forever” are keys with heavier & melodic riffs in the NWOBHM style; melodic singing, groovy rhythm and progressive. Calmer guitars, keys and melodic singing create a nostalgic mood in the superb “A Drop for the Past”.

Each song on ARKADIA's debut album is has its own flavour. This album is so interesting; you wouldn't be bored, because you can still find new sounds, from powerful to highly sensitive. Highly recommend to every Melodic Metal fan who want to listen connection with Death Metal, Gothic, Folk, Punk and Heavy Metal!

8 / 10

Katarzyna Zakolska
Heavy Metal Blog Zine, 23.11.2014

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Today we stumbled around Arkadia, a Finnish band with a firm foundation in melodic metal common to those lands, in a line that goes more or less along the lines of Amorphis and Children Of Bodom, as a couple of good references provides, although there is more to be found.

There is a strong melodic foundation as I mentioned above, but with many different elements, through folk, soft vocal line parts, to the aggressive and guttural other, which I think serves the vocalist better. We stumbled upon quite loud and powerful songs, sharp and aggressive riffs, very Nordic and atmospheric air, but the band left their space also to give us themes and thick cream like "Frozen Globe", which slowly progresses to powerful and enveloping. I have expressed many times how much I like this kind of semi-slow songs, when bands manage to do it well. This song is one of them.

Another song with this particular dense, atmospheric air and at least for me, is quite interesting, is "The Decisions of Yesterday", with many folk elements, acoustic guitars, etc., yet with quite pole and heavy riffs. Excellent instrumental theme, an example of how to do that sort of thing. But we also have issues with more cane and disturbed vibe; Everything Said and Done has a good balance of aggression and melody, with line alternating between singing voice as loud, melodic voice. They don't lack power and for that we like "Nothing Last Forever", despite containing melodic bases, adorned with acoustic elements, is an aggressive, powerful and mostly fast subject.

Has been a nice surprise for me, these gentlemen of Arkadia. Although the genre doesn't please me completely, you can not deny that they know what they are doing and what they want to achieve. For my part, this "Unrelenting" seems more than recommended material for all who like melodic metal that is atmospheric and not too fast. Incidentally, the best comes at the end, "Unrelenting" is a big issue ....

Metaltalk, 7.11.2014

Back to Finland again, a country swarming with musical talent, and melodic Metal band Arkadia. The band was founded in the year 2003 in Alavus, Finland and since then the band has consistently been developing their own sound and has also relocated to the capital of Finland.

Melodic, energetic and melancholic elements join forces with clean vocals and growls in the music of Arkadia and interestingly they cite New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, more recent death Metal from Scandinavia, as well as the wastelands and black humor of Finnish countryside amongst their influences.

'Unrelenting' was recorded during early 2014 and mixed, mastered and produced by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studio, Ylöjärvi, Finland. So to the music and 'Before The Dawn' starts things off, catchy riff, deep throbbing bass and drums to accompany and gutsy vocals mixed up with infectious vocal melody. Mid section throws in some well timed growls, before the guitar comes flying in before it goes back to some more classic rock oriented anthemics. Dynamite stuff.

'Final Disposal' starts off crunchier, heavier, cool bass fills thrown in behind the driving, menacing guitar. More growling this one but it never gets out of hand. Think Faith No More beefed up and growlified. This one too is as catchy as an out of control virus, proving melodic and the heavier end do mix very well when done right. A totally different feel to this but again a damn fine piece of music.

'Frozen Globe' kicks off with more killer riffs, before vocals take their turn to menace, more darkness than a midwinter arctic night. Still though the ever-present melodic injection is there and it drifts from one to the other with consummate smoothery. The heavy guitar rumble from the mid section on is a call to arms before the powerful vocals come piling in again, before it again shifts this time dragged along by some mighty impressive drums. The first two were good but this cranks it up more than a notch or ten.

'May' starts off in quieter vein but soon the beef arrives, thundering drums and guitar again, bass pounding mercilessly behind them. Again growls mixed with pure vocals providing a snorta of a contrast, especially when it gives way to the quieter and the shift again is a powerful musical message. It's not just a single transformation either, but it is all handled so well.

'The Decisions Of Yesterday (Will Haunt Us Down)' is their entry for longest song title but again the music is so powerful and straight at you that you will need to check your face isn't peeling off from the heat. This one is an instrumental and well crafted, heavy burden filled guitars giving way to a galloping 6 string before it comes back down again.

There is a wonderfully built mix of despair, sorrow, remorse and uplift built into every bar. All in all, a crackerjack of a song and to put this much raw emotion into an instrumental is a sure sign that craftsmen are at work.

'Everything Said And Done' is filled with more powerful guitars, simple keys filling out the sound perfectly and I guarantee all your extremities with be a shaking on this track. Mellower at the beginning leading to gale force guitar and semi growling before the chorus overpowers with its sense of melody and timing. More than ever on this one the vocal and guitar melodies are more closely entwined, vibrant in their unison but there is so much to this one I would need to write a thesis to convey it all.

Something that stands out on the album and particularly this beast of a track is the recurring change in feel, tempo and direction, both musical and emotional. Hats off to the guys it works a treat.

'Nothing Lasts Forever' is next and they are right – my bottle of Jack doesn't last long at all. But musically there is a headbanging agenda going on and trust me your head will be shaking by the time the vocals kick in. There are traces of their NWOBHM influences but never too obvious and again the changes in direction are superb. Rhythm section really come into their own dragging the whole arrangement along, vocals once more giving a new definition to the word melodic and all the while the guitar raises its demonic head, or should that be headstock. Another gem, just add it to the list.

'A Drop For The Past' delves into the darker more sombre side of their talents, but, and this is the really clever part, the melodic sense is there in abundance, ass still being booted by some genuine in your face rock. So many bands can only convey the sense of darkness by morphing into a guilt ridden manic depressive parody but Arkadia have that rare ability to convey that whilst still maintain an upbeat mood in a musical sense.

Vocals shine through, bass fills especially adding so much depth. I'm not sure dark anthem is a thing but if not it should be and these guys are going to take some beating in that department.

So to the closer, 'Unrelenting' and there are no holds barred, literally and metaphorically. Fast, powerful and with enough venom to send the most hardy of snake charmers running for cover, it is a sublime way to finish things off. The whole band busts blood vessels to deliver and deliver they do. Elements of punk creep in to the intro, giving way to shuddering guitar backed growling, power, grit and all out nuclear assault on your senses coming from all corners.

Screeching guitar, forceful drums abound before Mikko no doubt suffers friction burns as things liven up even more. Another superb song and stunning way to close the album.

A good offering from the Finnish musos and the more I hear from that country the more it stands out as a hotbed of powerful, melodic and damn fine rock and Metal.

Arkadia are quite honest about their influences and from time to time you will pick them up, but there are so many variations with their music that it is a very unique sound and in particular the mix between growling and pure vocal is very well done. Musically the foursome are all in the groove and fit together, there is togetherness in the music and that comes across in the playing. Better than that, they are more than efficient songwriters and have a knack of finding the perfect power to melody ratio.

Hopefully we will see them on these shores but until then you will have to make do with this album so do yourselves a favour and get your hands on it.

5 / 5

Roger Berzerk Fauske
Made in Metal, November 2014

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Arkadia is a Finnish melodic metal band that was founded in 2003 in Alavus. The group has energetic and melancholic elements in their songs, and also join guttural and clear vocals.

From the beginning we feel the influence of the geographical area, it sounds Nordic material on all sides. The opening song "Before the Dawn" is reminiscent at times of Amorphis, though as the album passes that idea is lost. The same goes for "Final Disposal”, which is already drawing a pattern on how to compose songs Arkadia way: A heavy riffs start, resulting in more folk musical lines while sections are alternated between passive and aggressive vocals. It's something you hear in "Everything Said and Done", "Nothing Last Forever" and others.

It's a formula that many like, being very effective and achieving variety. At times the band runs out of the mold, as in "Frozen Globe”; the opening riff is different and more pronounced melancholy, but basically they are riding a riff that grabs you, with touches that remind you from the Vikings ("The Decisions of Yesterday") series to modern bands originating from the North.

"A Drop of the Past” has a special touch with sweet keyboards that change the song completely. Something that does not fit me at all is the clear voice that sounds like little worked and very flat.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studio Ylöjärvi, Finland.

Jose Arias
Doomed to Darkness, 24.10.2014

Arkadia are a band from Finland that plays a melodic mixture of heavy, death and doom metal and this is a review of their 2014 album "Unrelenting" which will be released in November by Inverse Records.

Melodic guitar leads and symphonic sounds start off the album before going into more of a heavier musical direction and adding in a mixture of death metal growls and clean singing vocals which seem to be equally influenced by both gothic and power metal and you can hear quite a bit of doom/death in the bands musical style.

You can hear a lot of thrash and traditional metal elements in the bands musical style and all of the instruments have a very powerful sound to them and as the album progresses clean playing and acoustic guitars can be heard in certain sections of the recording and they mix in with the heavier parts and most of the music sticks to a slow or mid paced direction along with a couple of tracks that are very long and epic in length and on the last song there is a brief use of blast beats being utilized along with some black metal influenced vocals.

Arkadia plays a very heavy and melodic style of metal that is heavily influenced by the death, doom and gothic metal genres of t he 90's which they also mix in with the melody of NWOBHM to create a dark, melancholic and melodic sound of their own, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark and depressive themes.

In my opinion Arkadia are a very great sounding melodic mixture of death, doom and heavy metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Before the Dawn" "May" "Nothing lasts Forever" and "Unrelenting".

8 / 10

Ilkka, 20.10.2014

Pohjalaislähtöinen, sittemmin helsinkiläistynyt Arkadia-yhtye riipii intohimonsa kasariheavysta sekä modernista skandinaavisesta kuolonmetallista. Debyyttilevyn syövereistä kajastaa kosolti melankoliaa, jonka sävyt valuvat melodisuudesta karuun örinään. Sähäkkyydessään esimerkillisen levyn parhaisiin puoliin lukeutuvat alati tajuntaa runnovat brutaalit kitarariffit.

3 / 5

Juha Seitz
Inferno, 09/2014

Alavudelta lähtöisin olevan Arkadian debyytti on monipuolisuudessaan kosolti lupauksia herättävä levy.

Jo yksitoista vuotta kasassa ollut bändi on saanut hioa ulosantiaan ja sävellyksellistä linjaansa huolella, ja onnistunutkin siinä suurimmalta osin. Parasta ovat monelle (kotoiselle) kuolo- ja tummemman tunnelmametallin bändille kumartavat, jäätävän melankoliset melodiset teemat ja niitä alleviivaavat pitkäkestoiset sovitukset. Toisaalta levyllä on myös melodiseen power metaliin liitettäviä elementtejä, jotka nekin toimivat kohtuudella.

Unrelentingin julkaisee - tai oikeastaan jakelee - suomalainen Inverse, joten sikäli on puhuttava omakustanteesta. Vielä nykypäivänäkin sille, että levyn tekemisen maksaa joku muu kuin artisti itse, on tietyt painavat perusteensa. Arkadian kohdalla ne ovat todennäköisesti jääneet täyttymättä levyltä kokonaisuudessaan huokuvien tuotannollisten lastentautien ja tietyn itsekritiikin puutteen takia.

Jos laulaja Antti-Jussi omaa oikein uskottavan viemäriäänen, hän vetää maton jalkojensa alta kappaleiden puhtaasti lauletuissa kohdissa. Kohta yksi: genreen täysin riittämätön ääniala. Kohta kaksi: hirvittävä rallienglanti.

Ulkomaanvientiä etunenässä ajattelevien suomalaismetallistien kohdalla jälkimmäinen saattaa olla linjaus ja tehokeino, mutta ensin mainittua ei voi selittää oikein mitenkään. Mikäli mainittuun ei ole tulossa muutosta, suosittelisin Arkadiaa siirtymään kokonaan örinälaulantaan ja ryhdittämään sovitus- ja tuotantopuoltaan.

Bändin sävellykselliset valmiudet huomioiden ei tarvita kovinkaan paljoa, että käsissä on jotain reilusti nykyistä parempaa. Pari seuraavaa vuotta näyttänevät, miten äijien käy.

3 / 5

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